• 2013 Broward Housing Council Annual Report

Homeless Initiative Partnership (HIP) Services: $21,174,032

The Broward County’s Homeless Initiative Partnership Services Section is the focal point for the Point in Time headerplanning and coordination of services for homeless persons. Staff administered approximately $21 million in programming and services, funded by Broward County, the state and the federal government to maintain a county-wide Continuum of Care. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funds local homeless assistance and prevention networks called Continuums of Care (CoC). In addition to organizing, delivering and reporting on housing and services for people who are experiencing homelessness, HUD requires that CoCs conduct a Point-in-Time (PIT) Count which provides information on the number of unsheltered persons in Broward County as well as figures on how many persons utilize, year-round emergency shelters, safe havens, transitional housing facilities, and permanent supportive housing. In addition, it is also a requirement to qualify for state funds administered by the State Office on Homelessness.
The total number of sheltered and unsheltered persons experiencing homelessness in Broward County based on the 2012-13 PIT count decreased by 12 percent from 3,183 to 2,810 and the total number of unsheltered persons decreased by 35 percent from 1,268 to 829, based on the 2011-12 PIT count. An additional 783 were counted as “at-risk” of homelessness during the 2013 PIT count, which is generally defined as an individual or family seeking permanent housing, but who stayed the previous night at an institution, a hotel paid by self, a jail, prison or detention center, a family or friend’s house, or were facing imminent eviction, or in foster care.   The 2013 Point-In-Time Report


​2012 Point-In-Time Count ​2013 Point-In-Time Count ​
​Unsheltered 1,268 ​Unsheltered 829 ​35% decrease
​Sheltered 1,915 ​Sheltered 1,981 ​3.4% increase
​Total 3,183 ​Total 2,810 ​12% decrease


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