• 2013 Broward Housing Council Annual Report


Special Needs Subpopulations 

Certain populations require special housing and need supportive service. Members of these groups characteristically sustain themselves on incomes well below Area Median Income (AMI). For members of this community, the housing authorities seek to improve access to safe, affordable, and accessible housing. Types of housing needed to serve people with special needs include permanent low-cost housing for those who can live independently, permanent supportive housing, transitional housing for those who want to move to independent living, housing for people with multiple diagnoses, accessible housing, and short-term emergency shelters designed to address immediate crises.
The data on special needs subpopulations in Broward County is identified below and is based on the information provided by the housing authorities; however, not all housing authorities track statistics for some of these categories.





  • People with disabilities:  4,052
  • Elderly households:  2,008
  • Homeless:  458
  • Families separated from children due to inadequate housing:  404
  • Victims of domestic violence:  114
  • Persons with HIV/AIDS:  25


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