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The items below are the areas of emphasis as stated in the 2014 Broward County Housing Council Work Program.

Item I:  Education and Advocacy 

  A.  Continue and encourage all entitlement communities to fund foreclosure counseling and assistance strategies.
  B.  Support Homebuyer Education courses through HUD Certified Counseling Agencies for programs supported with
       local, state and federal affordable housing funds.
  C.  Continue to educate municipalities, local business leaders, and legislative leaders on affordable housing issues.
  D.  Forward 2014 Broward County Affordable Housing Needs Assessment study to all municipalities and the 
       Legislative Delegation.

Item II:  Legislation 

   A.  Support retaining the funding for State Housing Initiatives Partnership (SHIP) program.
   B.  Support establishing a Local Documentary Stamp Tax program based on the Miami-Dade model.

 Item III:  Foreclosure Counseling and Education 

   A.  Continue and encourage foreclosure counseling workshops throughout Broward County by local nonprofit 
        HUD certified Housing Counseling Agencies and local banks.
   B.  Support training for foreclosure counselors.

 Item IV:  Provide New Affordable Multi-Family Rental Units

A.  Prioritize resources for new multi-family development.
   B.  Create flexible sources of “gap financing” for new multi-family development.
   C.  Support local government and private sector funding, including but not limited to:  youths transitioning 
        out of foster care, special needs population, veterans, and families.
   D.  Recommend Florida Housing Finance Corporation (FHFC) increase the 250 set-aside of units for Broward
        County tax credit projects.
   E.  Recommend FHFC award projects based on the greatest needs vs. project driven.   

Item V:  Homelessness: Rapid Re-Housing/Supportive Housing

   A.  Encourage entitlement communities to jointly or individually fund projects that add new transitional 
        and/or permanent supportive housing. 
   B.  Evaluate the number of “net” new units of transitional and/or permanent supportive housing.
   C.  Net reduction in the number of unsheltered homeless persons as indicated in the 2014 Homeless 
        Point In Time count.   

Item VI:  Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Activities by Banks in Broward County Follow-Up

   To be determined 

Item VII:  Potential Housing Linkage Fee Program for Broward County

    To be determined 

Item VII:  Assessment of the Countywide Affordable Housing Land Use Plan Policy 1.07.07

    To be determined 

Item IX:  Maintain the Broward Housing Council Website and Quarterly Newsletter

   A.  The website shall include, but not limited to, the following elements:
              a.  Federal, state and local housing agency’s links
              b.  Federal, state and local training opportunities (public and private)
              c.  Federal, state and local funding and resource information
              d.  Broward County entitlement communities' Consolidated Plans, Annual Action Plans, and 
                   Local Housing Assistance Plans
              e.   Request for Proposals (RFP) for affordable housing strategies
              f.  Nonprofit, for-profit and foundation affordable housing activities/opportunities
              g.  Policy and Data Research
              h.   Best Practices at the local, state and federal level
   B.  Prepare quarterly newsletter to be distributed via e-mail.

Item X:  Produce the Housing Council Annual Report 

   A.  Production and funding for homeownership.
   B.  Resources and clients for foreclosure counseling.
   C.  Production and funding for home repair.
   D.  Production and funding for barrier-free/special needs populations.
   E.  Production and funding for multi-family rental.
   F.  Report on all Housing Council Work Program activities.
   G.  Report on total units and funding for the Housing Authorities.
   H.  Add success case studies.  


*HUD:  U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development


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