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The Broward County Housing Finance and Community Development Division (HFCDD) celebrated the completion of 16 new homes in Unincorporated Broward, Florida, on December 6, 2013.  The new homes were made possible through the efforts of Broward County, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Florida State Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO).  Funding for the project was provided by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery Initiative (DRI), a HUD grant allocated to states affected by the devastation of the 2005 hurricane season.   

The community and stakeholders celebrated the project by attending the Ribbon Cutting Event and expressing enthusiasm and support for the residential project.  One of the homes was showcased   for the event, which gave attendees an opportunity to walk through the inside and back yard of the house. 

Ralph Stone, HFCDD Director, launched the event by welcoming attendees and gave a synopsis of the project, people involved and funding streams.  Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief spoke next about the importance of the project and  the importance and stability the homes would create for the new homebuyers’ families.  Commissioner Dale Holness’ aide, Scarlette Lahoma, spoke on behalf of the Commissioner, expressing his appreciation and support of the project.  Next to speak was Armando Fana, Director of the HUD Miami Field office who also shared his support of the project and the importance of providing affordable homes for residents. 

Monique H. Kabitzke the Planning Manager for Florida Department of Economic Opportunity was next to speak, followed by the builders, Eric L. Haynes, CEO of Inner Urban Asset Management of Fort Lauderdale, LLC. and Edward P. Cancio, President of Access Builders, Inc.  Three of the new homeowners gave closing remarks and shared tales of  their journeys to homeownership.  The ribbon cutting was led by Mayor Barbara Sharief and joined by event stakeholders; the event culminated in a walkthrough of the new home. 

The new homes were all built with energy-efficient  elements, enabling the homes to impart a small environmental footprint while maintaining the reassurance of Florida’s stringent construction code.  Home interiors are fitted with ecologically-friendly wood kitchen cabinets, tankless water heaters, “WaterSense” toilets/showers/faucets, ceiling fans, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) high-rated air conditioning units, and Energy Star appliances.  Exterior features include native-plant landscaping and in-ground sprinklers with sensor controls (both will minimize water waste), privacy fencing, and outside lights with motion detectors. Houses are each fitted with a “cool” roof, which reflects the sun’s heat by its high solar reflexive index (SRI).  Low-emissive windows were installed to keep out the sun’s heat and are impact-resistant, as are the garage doors, outside doors, and sliders.   All of these features will reward the homebuyer with lower utility bills and substantial homeowner’s insurance discounts.  

One of the new homes features an extra distinction; it was built compliantly with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and was expressly designed for a homebuyer with physical handicaps.  This home is wheelchair accessible, has a ramp instead of front steps, features extra wide doors and other barrier-free qualities such as lower roll-under counters, roll-in shower, ADA-height toilet, grab bars, hand-held shower and easy-to-get-to closets.

The CDBG DRI Housing Replacement Program is an essential part of the County’s efforts to revitalize Roosevelt Gardens and Washington Park and other unincorporated areas. The new homebuyers, developers, Broward County Commissioners, HUD, DEO and the housing stakeholders join together to celebrate the new homes.

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Photo: Housing Finance and Community
Welcome Home sign Stakeholders gather on the front porch to join Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, as she cuts the ribbon,
Photo: Housing Finance and Community
Development Director, Ralph Stone, delivers the ceremony’s opening remarks

​Welcome Home sign


Stakeholders gather on the front porch to join Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief, as she cuts the ribbon,
assisted by homebuyers. 

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