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Broward Housing Solutions® (BHS®), a non-profit Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO), purchased its 19th property in April and currently provides almost 300 people with subsidized safe affordable homes.  Broward County’s HOME Investment Partnerships Program provided $200,000 for the acquisition and rehabilitation of the property located at 940 Southwest 29th Street in Fort Lauderdale. 

BHS® provides permanent housing for low income and homeless people, including veterans and youth aging out of foster care, who also struggle with disabilities and mental illnesses.  Residents, many of whom are supported only by Social Security disability checks, typically pay 30 percent of their gross income for rent.  

The BHS® provides a safe and supportive haven for mentally ill and chronically homeless people such as Gordon Peterson and Ruthie Bingham who both express tremendous gratitude for their affordable and supportive dwellings.  Lisa Vecchi, BHS® Chief Executive Officer, states that tax-payers also significantly benefit from the services provided by BHS®; the cost of holding the homeless in medical facilities and jail ranges between $118 and $650 a day, but with BHS® housing subsidies taxpayers only pay $38.20 per day. 

Learn more about Broward Housing Solutions at www.browardhousingsolutions.org

Lisa Vecchi
Lisa Vecchi, Broward Housing Solutions
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of BHS® resident, Gordon Peterson, by Taimy Alvarez, Sun Sentinel
Photo of BHS® resident, Gordon Peterson,
by Taimy Alvarez, Sun Sentinel

Reference:  Sun Sentinel, May, 2014