Broward Housing Council Newsletter -Summer 2014

Online Resources

FEMA FINALIZES NEW BROWARD COUNTY FLOOD MAPS                                                                   

Broward County mapThe Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) issued a Letter of Final Determination notifying unincorporated Broward County and the 31 municipal governments in Broward County that the new flood maps have been finalized. The effective date for the new Broward County flood maps will be August 18, 2014. After the effective date, the finalized maps will be used by insurance companies for flood insurance purposes and the updated base flood elevations must be used for all new construction and substantial improvements to existing construction.

Visit, type in your address and a pop-up window will present the new flood
designations for your area.   


HOUSING ASSISTANCE MATTERS INITIATIVE                                                                                     

map of USDecent and affordable housing has far-reaching consequences for people’s health, quality of life, and access to opportunities, but these consequences are not always well understood. To inform public debate about assisted housing policy and strengthen policy outcomes, Housing Assistance Matters highlights research and analysis about
the need for and benefits of well-managed public and assisted housing. Using a multi-media approach, this initiative draws upon research by Urban Institute scholars and others to explore key connections between all forms of rental assistance and outcomes for individuals, families, and communities.

Explore the interactive U.S. map for “The Gap at a Glance” which gives housing stats throughout the


NEW APP:  PD&R U.S. HOUSING MARKET CONDITIONS                                                                        

HUD appThe U.S. Housing Market Conditions (USHMC) App is an easy to use tool that displays current national housing data and the latest trends in the housing market.  The app contains five categories: Quarterly Key Indicators, Supply Data Charts, Demand Data Charts, Finance and Investment Data Charts, and Ownership and Vacancy Data Charts. The Quarterly Key Indicators depict increases and decreases in various national housing statistics such as new homes for sale, housing permits, and homes under construction. The four additional categories contain interactive charts with information compiled from the national housing market data.

Download app for free to use on either Apple iOS and Android smartphones: