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The Broward Housing Council’s Quarterly Newsletter is packed with valuable information for affordable housing stakeholders and the community at large; highlights of the issue are listed under the edition name.



Spring, Volume XIV
Linkage Fee Workshop, #BrowardNEXT, FY 2017 Proposed Budget, America's Rental Housing Report, Funding Opportunities



Winter, Volume XIII
Volunteer, Open House, New Homes for Sale, Paycheck to Paycheck Report, Comprehensive Plan Workshop, Funding

Fall, Volume XII
Best Practices, New Homes for Sale, Supreme Court Decisions, State of the Nation's Housing, HUD Resources

Summer, Volume XI
Potential Linkage Fee, Fair Housing Event, Sailboat Bend Apartments for Seniors, "Out of Reach 2015," Livability Index

Spring, Volume X
CRA Workshop, #BrowardNext, Senior Complex in Broward, Texas' Supreme Court Case, Florida's Low Income Renters​



Winter, Volume IX
Housing Forum, Senior Housing Study, County Updates, Rent and Mortgage Info

Fall, Volume VII
Affordable Housing Needs Assessment, Housing Challenges, 2013 Point in Time Count, 2013 BHC Annual Report

Summer, Volume VII
2014 Fair Housing Event, Broward Housing Solutions, Broward County Land Use Plan, SHIP Distribution

Spring, Volume VI
New Homes in Unincorporated Broward, Affordable Housing Workshop, Rapid Re-Housing, Seven 50 Final Summit



Winter, Volume V (PDF)
Housing Affordability, Workshop, Habitat for Humanity Homes, Homeless Awareness Proclamation​, Rental Market Study​

​Fall, Volume IV (PDF)
Housing Credit Needs Forum, 2012 BHC Annual Report, 2013 Broward County's Point in Time Report

Summer, Volume III (PDF)
Supportive Housing for Veterans, Ten Year Plan Charrette, 2013 Fair Housing Event 

Spring, Volume II (PDF)
Energy Efficient Affordable Housing Resources, FTA's Small Starts Program, SHIP Funding Update​



Winter, Volume I (PDF)
Affordable Housing Developments and Initiatives, LIHTC Program, Homeless Rehabilitation, Renter Incomes


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