Legislative Bills

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The following bills relate to affordable housing.  Access information about the Broward Legislative Delegation office, legislative district maps and more... 


2016 Legislative Bills

  • CS/SB 1534:  Housing Assistance
    Revising the powers that the Florida Housing Finance Corporation may exercise in developing and administering the State Apartment Incentive Loan Program; requiring that State Apartment Incentive Loan Program funds be made available through a competitive solicitation process, subject to certain requirements; requiring that the State Office on Homelessness coordinate among certain agencies and providers to produce a statewide consolidated inventory for the state’s entire system of homeless programs which incorporates regionally developed plans, etc.


2015 Legislative Bills

  • CS/SB 1500:  Housing for the Homelessness
    Requires that the reservation of funds within each notice of fund availability to persons who are homeless and persons with special needs be at least 10 percent of the funds available at the time of the notice; directing the State Office on Homelessness to create a task force to make recommendations regarding the implementation of a statewide Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) subject to certain requirements; requiring the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to first distribute a certain percentage of the total amount to be distributed each fiscal year from the Local Government Housing Trust Fund to the Department of Children and Families and to the Department of Economic Opportunity, respectively, subject to certain requirements, etc. 
  • CS/HB 361:  Military Housing Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions
    Grants certain leasehold interests & improvements to land owned by U.S. or agency thereof, branch of U.S. Armed Forces, or quasi-governmental agency exemption from ad valorem taxation; exempts such leasehold interests & improvements without need to apply for exemption or property appraiser approving exemption; provides nonapplicability & retroactive applicability.  


2014 Legislative Bills 

Read Florida Housing Coalition's 2014 Legislative Wrap-Up: The Senate and House reached agreement on the budget in the first week of May. Unfortunately, they agreed that the state and local housing trust funds would not be used for housing. The Appropriations Act swept all $204.13 million available for appropriation in the Housing Trust Funds into General Revenue. The good news is that housing programs, including SHIP and SAIL, were funded by the legislature in 2013—they used the Attorney General Bank. -excerpt.
  • CS/CS/HB 979:  Homelessness
    Requires the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to provide training & technical assistance to certain designated lead agencies of homeless assistance continuums of care; requires that provision of such training & assistance be delegated to certain nonprofit entities; requires department to establish award levels for "Challenge Grants"; specifies criteria to determine award levels; requires DEO, after consultation with Council on Homelessness, to specify grant award level in notice of solicitation of grant applications; revises qualifications for grant; specifies authorized uses of grant funds; requires lead agency that receives grant to submit report to department; provides that funding authorized pursuant to this act is subject to appropriation from Legislature.   


2013 Legislative Bills

Read Florida Housing Coalition's 2013 Legislative Wrap-Up: The biggest news for housing advocates from the 2014 Session is that we are back on track with the appropriation of $167,660,000 from the Sadowski State and Local Housing Trust Funds. Florida is again using its dedicated revenue source for affordable housing to fund Florida’s housing programs. This is the largest appropriation for housing we’ve seen in the past seven years.  -excerpt


  • SB 928:  Community Development
    Revising the power of a housing finance authority to make loans directly to eligible persons; deleting an ad valorem tax exemption for property owned by certain Florida-based limited partnerships and used for affordable housing for certain income-qualified persons; revising the powers of the Florida Housing Finance Corporation; providing that the corporation’s strategic business plan must be consistent with a long-range program plan relating to affordable housing, etc.
  • SPB 7146:  Funding from the National Mortgage Settlement
    Providing an appropriation from the Local Government Housing Trust Fund and the State Housing Trust Fund to the Department of Economic Opportunity for specified purposes; providing appropriations from the General Revenue Fund to the State Court System for specified purposes; providing appropriations from the General Revenue Fund to the Department of Legal Affairs, Office of the Attorney General, for specified purposes and providing legislative findings; providing that the appropriations of this act are contingent upon the deposit of a specified sum into the state treasury as a result of a specified consent judgment, etc.


2012 Legislative Bills

Read Florida Housing Coalition's 2012 Legislative Wrap-Up

  • SB 842: Growth Management
    Authorizing a local government to retain certain charter provisions that were in effect as of a specified date and that relate to an initiative or referendum process; requiring a local land planning agency to periodically evaluate and appraise a comprehensive plan; deleting provisions relating to the Coastal Resources Interagency Management Committee; revising and providing requirements relating to public facilities and services, public education facilities, and local school concurrency system requirements; deleting redundant requirements for the submission of certain interlocal agreements to the Office of Educational Facilities and the state land planning agency and for review of the interlocal agreement by the office and the agency, etc.

  • SB 1996:  Department of Economic Opportunity
    Requiring the Auditor General and the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability to conduct a joint audit and review of the Florida Housing Finance Corporation; revising provisions relating to the State Apartment Incentive Loan Program; deleting the future expiration of provisions authorizing workers’ compensation coverage for a participant in an adult or youth work experience activity; authorizing a local governmental entity that is an independent special district providing certain utility services to reduce its rates by resolution for a specified time for a user that will provide a community benefit, etc.

  • SB 1180: Developments of Regional Impact Requiring that comprehensive plan amendments proposing certain developments follow the state coordinated review process; providing an exemption from development-of-regional-impact review for proposed developments that meet specified criteria and are located in certain jurisdictions; requiring that an agreement under s. 288.106, F.S., which relates to a tax refund program for qualified target industry businesses, be executed as a condition for such exemption; revising conditions under which a local government is required to rescind a development-of-regional-impact development order; providing for application and approval of an amendment to the local comprehensive plan by the owner of land that meets certain criteria as an agricultural enclave; creating a 2-year permit extension, etc.


2011 Legislative Bills

Read Florida Housing Coalition's 2011 Legislative Wrap-Up

  • SB 2154: Florida Housing Finance Corporation
    Creates the Federal Grants Trust Fund within the Executive Office of the Governor. Provides for sources of funds and purposes. Provides for annual carryforward of trust fund balances. Provides for future review and termination or re-creation of the trust fund.

  • SB 176: Affordable Housing
    Reenacts a specified provision relating to the state allocation pool used to confirm private activity bonds. Reenacts a specified provision relating to lands that are owned by a community land trust and used to provide affordable housing. Reenacts a specified provision relating to a tax exemption provided to organizations that provide low-income housing. Reenacts a specified provision relating to a property exemption for affordable housing owned by a nonprofit entity, etc.


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