• Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)



The Broward Housing Council seeks to better understand the level of community investment by regulated financial institutions relative to affordable housing in Broward County’s low- and moderate-income communities and to low- and moderate-income persons. The following report explains how the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) works, summarizes key housing credit needs, provides a review of Home Mortgage Disclosure data, analyzes the CRA performance of the largest banks in the market, assesses the financial institutions level of investment and lending, and provides recommendations for increasing housing lending and investment in Broward County.




The following data is for the 14 largest financial institutions operating in the Broward County market. These banks have over 90 percent of the market share of deposits, of all banks. The CRA ratings are gathered from CRA Performance Evaluation Reports published as of September 2013 (at which time the study's research was completed) and listed below for easy reference.




The Broward Housing Council hosted the “Community Reinvestment Act, Bank Performance in Housing Lending and Investment in Broward County” Next Steps Workshop. The half day workshop focused on the key recommendations identified in the report “Community Reinvestment Act, Bank Performance in Housing Lending & Investment in Broward County” prepared by Carras Community Investment Inc. and discuss processes and approaches for implementation.