• June 2013
News articles posted to the homepage throughout the month are listed below, click on the article's title to read the article in full.
 Story          Date                                Article Title                                                 
 1. June 3
Broward Housing Council Publishes Summer Newsletter
 2. June 5 Broward Housing Council Releases 2012 Annual Report
 3. June 6 Deadline for Making Home Affordable Program Extended
 4. June 10 May's Housing Scorecard Just Published
 5. June 11 Avoid Foreclosure Through Pre-Purchase Counseling
 6. June 19 Residential Construction Up From 2012
 7. June 20 HUD Issues a Supportive Notice for Public Housing Agencies
 8. June 21 Affordable Senior’s Complex is Preserved in Melbourne, FL
 9. June 24 Broward County Homeless Shelter Receives Funding for More Beds
10. June 26 Scholarships Awarded to Students in Affordable Housing