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Fiscal Year 2006 Recommended Budget In Brief
Broward County > Office of Management and Budget > Fiscal Year 2006 Recommended Budget In Brief
Board of County Commissioners
Fiscal Year 2006 Recommended Budget-in-Brief
Office of Management and Budget Staff
County Administrator's Budget Message
Governmental Structure of Broward County
Total County Budget - An Overview
Fiscal Year 2006 Revenues
Property Taxes
Fees & Charges
State Grant Funding
Sales Taxes
State Revenue Sharing
Gas Taxes
Fund Balance
Fiscal Year 2006 Appropriations and Operating Budget
  Operating Budget
General Fund
Major Special Purpose Funds
Enterprise Funds
Unincorporated Area Budgets
Capital Outlay Budget
Debt Service Budget
  Broward County Demographic Data
Consolidated All Funds Summary
Millage Summary
Ten Year Millage History
Authorized Positions
How the Budget Process Works
Glossary of Terms


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