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Where does the money come from and where does it go?
Broward County > Office of Management and Budget > Where does the money come from and where does it go?

Where Does the Money Come From and Where Does it Go?

pie chart

Above chart breakdown: 67% Ad Valorem Taxes, 15% Transfers and Fund Balance, 8% Fees and Charges, 8% Sales Tax and State Revenue Sharing, 2% Other Miscellaneous Revenues.


Where does the Property Tax Revenue Go?

How FY 2014 Recurring General Operating Revenues Are Allocated

Pie chart

Above Chart breakdown: 47% Broward Sheriff’s Office, 9% Parks and Libraries, 7% Human Services, 6% Mandated Judicial, Health Expenses & TIFs, 4% Public Works, 3% Property Appraiser & Supervisor of Elections, 3% Transit, 20% All Other Programs.

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