Two Stop Exemption FAQs
Does this apply to wheelchair lifts?
Yes, this applies to all conveyances other than dumbwaiters, escalators and moving walks provided they serve only 2 adjacent levels and have service contracts which provide for routine examination, lubrication, cleaning, adjustment and replacement of parts and performance of applicable code-required safety tests.

What is the benefit of applying for exemptions?
It would allow elevators with two stop exempt status who have paid their renewal fee to get a current certificate of operation to post in the elevator w/o having to wait for a scheduled inspection.

Why does the county want to do this?
To help our customers take advantage of an existing exemption authorized by Florida Statutes to streamline the renewal process.

Are we required to apply for this exemption status?
No, if you do not want to apply for exemption status we will continue to inspect your elevator annually.

Does this exemption mean Broward County inspectors will no longer inspect any two-stops?
No, we will have a random monitoring program to verify the conditions of the exemption are met. We will also conduct complaint and accident inspections as needed.

Are Qualified Elevator Inspectors needed to witness the tests?
Yes, the applicable annual and 5 year code-required safety tests must still be performed by a Certified Elevator Technician and witnessed by a Certified Elevator Inspector. However the routine examinations may be performed by the technician without an inspector present.

If an elevator owner signs and returns the form will they get their certificate of operation?
No, the form must also contain the signature of the Certified Elevator Technician who performed the applicable annual and/or 5 year safety tests and examination along with the technicians Certificate of Competency number, the name of the inspector who witnessed the tests and the inspectors Certified Elevator Inspector number as well as the date of the tests and examinations.