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Economic Impact


Economic Impacts Pack a Powerful Punch

The planned expansion and new on-site headquarters hotel at Broward County's Convention Center is expected to bring economic benefits not only to the local community, but also throughout the state, including:

  • More events, more meeting attendees and increased overnight stays
  • New, permanent full-time jobs
  • Increases in local and state tax revenues
  • Increased economic activity for local restaurants, retailers and tourist attractions

The 600,000 square foot facility is already the heart of a thriving meeting and convention business. With the County’s Convention Center expansion and new on-site headquarters hotel, there is every reason to be optimistic about future growth.

The project will generate:

  • 47 more events annually
  • An estimated 80,000 new attendees (50 percent increase)
  • Over 135,000 new annual overnight stays
  • New annual spending of $100.6 million (in 2024 dollars) by delegates, exhibitors and event organizers
  • 721 permanent full-time jobs
  • Over $96 million in future annual tax revenues (in present value) – over $70 million to the State of Florida and $21 million to Broward County

The new, onsite headquarter hotel will result in:

  • 800 additional rooms
  • Direct connectivity to convention center facility
  • Integration of a usable waterfront for public purpose
  • New retail/entertainment opportunities for the community

The addition of retail and entertainment options on and around the site will:

  • Optimize the marketability of Broward’s Convention Center
  • Offer unique, new recreation opportunities for residents as well as visitors
  • Create an iconic destination with “sense of place”

Conversely, without the expansion, the Convention Center could expect a 25 percent decrease in attendance, as convention planners look elsewhere for larger, newer facilities with more amenities, and with more hotel rooms within walking distance of the facility.