District 3 Newsletter
March 2013

Adopt a Pet from Broward County

Our County is home to many animal rescue and adoption programs including cats, dogs and even birds. There are rescue groups that are breed specific, such as greyhounds and boxers. But if you are interested in getting a new companion, please consider Broward County’s dog and cat adoption program. When you adopt from Broward County, not only do you get an awesome companion, you could be saving a life.

You see, our pet rescue is not yet a “no-kill” facility. Although the County Commission is doing its best to work toward that goal, you can help. Many of the animals taken in by Broward are older or have other issues. Do you have it in your heart to adopt such a pet? If you can’t adopt a pet, you might want to consider being a temporary foster home.

Broward County also offers rabies clinics and low cost spay and neutering services so everyone can make sure their pet is safeguarded and fewer unwanted pets are born.

Last but not least, if you can’t take in a pet, maybe you’ll consider volunteering at one of thetwo Broward County shelters.    

I’m the proud Mom of two rescues, Cagney and Lacey. I got them when they were just two years old, yet they both already had several litters. They were bred to be breeders and lived most of their lives in small cages. It’s amazing to see their transformation from scared, timid creatures to playful companions full of life. Please consider adopting a rescue.

Visit Broward.org/animal or call

Stacy and her rescue dogs, Cagney and Lacey.

Beach Preservation

Last month, I attended the National Conference on Beach Preservation Technology in Jacksonville. It was amazing to see the new technologies being used to help save our beaches and repair damage such as what happened along A1A in Fort Lauderdale from Hurricane Sandy. Find out more at FSBPA.com.

Broward Helps Green Space

The fifth and final “Parks for People” grant program received a record 24 applications from 13 cities around Broward County for funds to help green and open spaces. Because of returns and released funding from past projects, the County was able to make $1.7 million dollars available for improvements.

Within District 3, Parkland applied for two projects; the Margate Blount Archaeological Park and Parkside Trailhead. The Margate Blount area will receive $8,650 for solar lighting, a recycled bench, pervious trail and landscaping while Parkside Trailhead will get $75,000 for recycled boardwalk, pervious trail, three recycled benches and native landscaping.

Since the “Parks for People” program first started, an additional 14 park sites are being made available for public access and enjoyment throughout Broward County.

To learn more, go to Broward.org/NaturalResources.

Help Change a Child’s Life

The 17th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program is in need of volunteers who want to make a difference in the life of children who are alleged to be abused, neglected or abandoned. It takes an average of about 15 hours of your time per month to change a child’s life forever. Training and staff support is provided free of charge. If you have some time and are looking to make a difference in your community, visit guardianadlitem.org or call Hal Tannenbaum at 954-831-7590.

Stacy participates in the annual Broward Delegation meeting Commissioner Ritter was appointed by Broward County’s Mayor to serve on the Resource Recovery Board
Stacy participates in the annual Broward Delegation meeting. All State Legislators who serve any part of Broward County are invited to participate and learn the needs of Broward County. Commissioner Ritter was appointed by Broward County’s Mayor to serve on the Resource Recovery Board. Also pictured with Stacy are Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler and Coconut Creek City Commissioner Lou Sarbone.

Commissioners attending the ceremony that renamed the Sexual Assault Treatment Center.

Commissioners attending the ceremony that renamed the Sexual Assault Treatment Center. The new Nancy J. Cotterman Center is named after the local woman who became known nationally as a victim’s rights advocate.

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Stacy stands with Port Everglades Director Steve Cernack

Stacy stands with Port Everglades Director Steve Cernack immediately following the groundbreaking for the new Intermodal Container Transfer Facility which will bring rail into the Port to move cargo. It should create 767 construction jobs over the next two years and will remove about 180,000 truck trips from South Florida roads by the year 2027, reducing both highway congestion and air emissions.
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