Apply for Job | Submit Application
After you access the job specific information from the Job Opportunities Page and click on Apply, you will need to log in and complete the application form.  The specific steps that you must complete may vary for each job opportunity.
  1. Click on the Apply button.
  2. Enter your information in each field. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the screen when you are done. 
  4. Click Next at the bottom of the page.
  5. Answer the Agency Questions and the job-specific Supplemental Questions.
  6. Click on Proceed to review at the bottom of the page.
  7. Review your application for accuracy, and make any changes before you Accept & Submit the applicationNote: You must submit your application prior to the 5 pm closing deadline to be considered for the position.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the application review screen and click Proceed to Certify and Submit.
    Note:  Once you have submitted your application for a position, you will not be able to edit that application.​
  9. Select Accept & Submit on the digital signature screen.

    Accept & Submit
  10. A message will appear on the screen stating Application Submitted! You will receive instructions by email as to the next step in the process.
  11. Log out by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and then click Sign Out.
Note: If the job you applied for requires you to take an exam, you will be notified by email.​​​