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Broward County’​s online recruitment system is powered by NeoGov. This system makes it easier for candidates to find and apply for career/promotional opportunities with the County. To be considered for Broward County jobs, you must have a profile set up in our system, locate and apply for positions you are interested in.

Thanks for your interest in employment with Broward County. Please call 855-524-5627 if you have any questions.

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Upcoming Events

​​Event Name ​Event Date ​Event Location ​Event Time
​TransCon March 2, 2018 Barry University 12PM - 5PM
CareerSource Broward 2018
Transportation Industry Job Fair
March 8, 2018 CareerSource Broward
South Career Center
9AM - 12PM​

Current County employee?

Visit​ and from the Employees dropdown select Careers - Promotional job opportunities.

Broward County’s new Online Recruitment System (ORS) changes the applicant process. Here’s how the new process works:

  1. Pre-screening: At the time of application, applicants are required to answer questions regarding their ability to meet the minimum qualifications of the position. Applicants that do not meet minimum requirements are automatically “screened out” and do not advance to the rating step.
  2. Rating: Candidate resumes and responses to supplemental questions are evaluated and scored by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Discrepancies in ratings are discussed before a final average rating is given to the candidate. Candidates receiving the highest ratings are referred to the hiring manager for a selection interview.
  3. Selection Interview: The Hiring Manager conducts selection interview(s) and determines if an offer will be extended to any of the candidates. Once an offer has been extended and accepted, the on-boarding process begins.

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