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ATTENTION - Contractors, design professionals and building officials are invited to contact the Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals staff to help address any of their building code or fire code issues. Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural and fire Chief Code Compliance Officer directly. discipline specific contact information is immediately below. Please feel free to contact the discipline that you need by contacting the BORA Chief Code Compliance Officer directly.

“Our mission is to help both sides in any potential or actual dispute to achieve a successful resolution.”

It is recommended that you start your discussion with the local building or fire fepartment, but do not hesitate to contact BORA as needed to help resolve problems while they are still small or to file a formal appeal of a local or county building or to file a formal appeal of a local or county building or fire department descision. If the issue us specified in building or fire code book language, it can be appealed.

BORA Administrative Director

Jim DiPietro

954-765-4500 x9892 ·


BORA Code Compliance Officers

Cris Fardelmann, Chief Structural Code Compliance Officer 
954-765-4500 x9887 ·

Michael Guerasio, Chief Structural Code Compliance Officer 
954-765-4500 x9886 ·

Rolando Soto, Chief Mechanical Code Compliance Officer 
954-765-4500 x9893 ·

Ken Castronovo, Chief Electrical Code Compliance Officer 
954-765-4500 x9888 ·

Bryan Parks, Chief Fire Code Compliance Officer 
954-765-4500 x9884 ·

Otto Vinas, Chief Plumbing Code Compliance Officer 
954-765-4500 x9894 ·

BORA Administrative Coordinator II
Ruth Boselli
954-765-4500 x9889 ·


BORA Administrative Staff

Maria "Pat" Kong, Board Technician I

954-765-4500 x9883 ·

Brianna Curry, Board Technician I

​954-765-4500 x9885 ·

Jonda Joseph, Board Technician I

954-765-4500 x9891 ·

Anonymous complaints concerining building departments might first be directed to city or county management employees, but if necessary anyone is welcome to contact Jim DiPietro, Director, Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals. The Director can also be reached after regular hours at 954-931-2393.

Accessibility Assistance 

For new construction accessibility questions should first be discussed with your local building department.
The Department of Justice can help you with your questions on existing buildings. The Department of Justice help line is 800-514-0301.

Broward County Board of Rules and Appeals (BORA) can also help to resolve accessibility questions concerning new construction. Accessibility questions can be referred to the BORA’s staff at 954-765-4500. 
Cris Fardelmann (x9887 and Michael Guerasio (x9886 to address any structural concerns. Otto Vinas (x9894 ovinas@broward.orgcan address plumbing concerns.

BORA’s representative of the disabled community, Ken Wynn ( is also available for assistance.