District 1 Newsletter
May-June 2013


My name is Martin David Kiar and I am honored to be your Broward County Commissioner for District 1.

First, I want to wish you and your family a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.

In an effort to keep our community informed, I send out this e-newsletter on activities by Broward County and your Broward County Commission, updates on Broward County projects and activities for you and your family. Also, if you visit www.broward.org you can learn about Broward County services such as our parks and libraries. It is an honor to serve as your Broward County Commissioner. If I can help you, please email me at mkiar@broward.org or call me at 954-357-7001.

Martin David Kiar

Truth in Gas Prices
The Broward County Commission passed an ordinance that requires all gas stations located in Broward County to post the highest price that a person would pay for a grade of gas on the station’s signage. Prior to this ordinance, many gas stations would post only the cash price on the station’s signage, which is generally lower than the credit price. Many residents, believing that they would pay the price posted on the signage, would pull into the gas station only to find out that the credit price is higher. It is my opinion that gas stations should not be misleading in the price they charge and this ordinance helps ensure that our residents will be fully informed as to the highest price per gallon. If you become aware of a gas station not abiding by this new ordinance, then you may report the gas station by contacting the county via email at consumer@broward.org or by phone at 954-765-4400.
Hiatus Road Construction
Many residents who live in west Plantation and/or Sunrise or who drive Hiatus road north are well aware of and likely frustrated with the fact that Hiatus Road has not been fully constructed north of Sunrise Blvd. Currently, Hiatus Road does not connect Sunrise Blvd. and Oakland Park Blvd. Fortunately, the county is finally constructing the new road so that Hiatus Road will connect Sunrise Blvd. and Oakland Park Blvd. The new four-lane segment of Hiatus Road, scheduled to be completed in 2015, will be 1.4 miles and will include drainage improvements, a sidewalk, bike lanes, signalization, lighting, a sound wall, landscaping and irrigation.
Traffic Synchronization
Driving on Broward County’s roadways can be extremely frustrating and time consuming when you hit every red light you come to. The county owns and operates all traffic control devices located in the county and has begun the process of synchronizing (re-timing) the lights. The light synchronization program is improving traffic flow along our major streets. Drivers traveling along streets where signal retiming is in effect will experience fewer delays and more green lights. When you drive at the posted speed limit, you will you pass through more continuous green lights during your trip. I personally am very excited about the county’s light synchronization program as improving the flow of traffic is a benefit to both our local economy and the environment.
Modern Electrical Streetcar –The Wave

The public commute in and around Fort Lauderdale will soon include a modern electric streetcar that will operate in part via overhead electrical wires in some areas and by battery power in others. The so-called “The Wave” modern streetcar has been given unanimous approval by the Broward County Commission, setting in motion financial agreements and partnerships that will make electric streetcar transportation a reality in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area by 2016.

Complete Streets
Broward County is undertaking the adoption of Complete Streets, which are roadways designed and constructed for all modes of transportation – automobiles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. Features of Complete Streets include wide sidewalks, bike lanes with a green background for improved safety and recognition, 10-foot wide auto lanes, landscaped medians, count-down pedestrian signals, Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) upgrades and additional street lighting. Communities that have adopted Complete Streets find them to be affordable, safe and more user-friendly, and like the idea that residents and visitors no longer have to rely solely on motor vehicles to get around.

Water Parks Opening
The Broward County Parks and Recreation Division has announced the schedule for Aquatics Season 2013, at the Division’s four water parks: Castaway Island at T.Y. Park, Paradise Cove at C.B. Smith Park, Splash Adventure at Quiet Waters Park, and Tropical Splash at Central Broward Regional Park & Stadium. Here is the detailed schedule:

•  May 2-June 2 – Thursdays-Sundays
•  May 27 (Memorial Day)
•  June 6-August 18 – daily
•  August 22-September 1 – Thursdays-Sundays
•  September 2 (Labor Day)
•  September 7-29 – Saturdays and Sundays
•  October 5-27 – Saturdays and Sundays – only at Paradise Cove  at C.B. Smith Park.

Again, it is an honor to serve as your Broward County Commissioner. If I can ever assist you, then please email me at mkiar@broward.org or call me at 954-357-7001. 

The Broward County Commission meets generally on Tuesdays at 10:00 am in Room 422 of the Broward County Governmental Center, 115 S. Andrews Ave., Fort Lauderdale. (Commission Meeting Schedule and Agenda are listed here.)

Residents can view live coverage of the Commission meetings on Comcast Cable channels 12 and 77; Advanced Communications channels 64 and 25; AT&T U-verse channel 99, and through the County's website at Broward.org/video. The County Commission meetings are rebroadcast at 5:30 p.m. each Friday following a Tuesday Commission meeting.


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911 Staff and Commissioner Kiar
911 Staff and Commissioner Kiar