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October 2011

Broward's 2012 Budget: What It Means For You


Last week, your County Commission passed Broward County’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget.  Our economy continues to struggle along the road to recovery, and home prices are beginning to level off after historic drops.  Despite these challenges, I am pleased that your County government will be able to offer and expand the world-class parks, transit, libraries and services you have come to expect.

Overall, the total Fiscal Year 2012 budget of $3.2 billion is a decrease of $768.7 million from the 2011 budget.  This was made possible by keeping your property millage rate flat at $5.12 per thousand, the same rate as the previous year.  This is part of a $257 million reduction in property taxes since 2007, and also represents the 12th out of 13 years in which Broward County has had either a flat or decreased millage rate.

What does this mean for you as a Broward resident?

First, you should notice either flat or reduced taxes on the Broward County portion of your tax bill.  I’m especially pleased that after several years of difficult cuts, the 2012 budget provides funding to reopen Broward’s parks full time, extend library hours and maintain public transportation and social services.  As a Broward resident, you’ll once again have total access to incredible parks like Tradewinds and Quiet Waters, longer browsing hours at our award-winning Broward libraries, and continued service along all viable public transit routes.  We’ll also continue to fund important services like Paratransit, substance abuse counseling, road and wastewater improvement projects and the new Broward County Inspector General’s office, as mandated by the voters last year.

Other new projects we’re working on include the Northeast Transit Center opening this fall in Pompano Beach.  This 3.5 acre facility will provide seamless transfers between four Broward County Transit fixed bus routes and two municipal community bus routes, real-time schedule displays and a “kiss-and-ride” passenger drop-off area.

I believe that this budget combines fiscal responsibility with keeping our promise to Broward’s residents, that we will continually maintain and improve the County services and programs that contribute to your quality of life.  Your input and participation at the budget public hearings helped us remain efficient stewards of your tax dollars, and I hope you’ll continue to make your voice heard to your local government.

For full details on the Fiscal Year 2012 budget, visit Broward County’s Office of Management and Budget.  If you have specific questions about your property tax bill, your homestead exemption or about property tax payment plans and discounts, contact the Broward County Property Appraiser’s office at (954) 357-6830.  And for a different agency-by-agency view of how your tax money works in our County, check out A Day In Broward.

As always, my door is open to you, and my staff is ready to help with anything you may need.  I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks for everything that you do.


Kristin Jacobs
County Commissioner, District 2
Broward County Commission

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