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In her “Coffee With Stacy” series, Commissioner Ritter meets with a variety of guests to discuss Broward County topics as well as those that are national in scope. Guests include leaders from County government, non-profit organizations, media, educators and more. Choose from the topics that interest you most from the directory below.

“Coffee With Stacy”
FLL Airport Expansion Update
Stacy finds out how the South Runway project and future expansion of the airport will benefit Broward County, its residents and visitors. Stacy talks with Aviation Director Kent George about the major projects that are changing the look and efficiency of one of the busiest airports in the country. View:

Part Two | Part Three

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Broward County Hybrid Buses | Broward Property Appraiser
Electric Vehicle Summit | County Administrator Bertha Henry
Community Foundation of Broward | 2-1-1 Broward
The Fabulous Forties | Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport
Broward County Elderly and Veterans Services | Pantry of Broward
Timing Broward County's Traffic Signals | Changes in Today's Journalism
Broward County Human Services | Broward's 2012 Budget | Broward County Transit
Civility in Government | Taxpayer's Bill of Rights

Commissioner Ritter meets with Library Manager, Laura Connors

Stacy finds out how technology is changing and improving Broward County Libraries. Books, music, e-readers, classes, homework help for teens and so much more are free at BCL. Stacy talks with Assistant Regional Library Manager, Laura Connors about programs offered, for newborns through seniors. View: 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Commissioner Ritter meets with Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti

Stacy meets with Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti and discusses BSO's upcoming budget and program priorities that include I.D. theft, closing of the "pill mills and synthetic drugs. View: 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Commissioner Ritter and Assistant Regional Library Manager, Essie Denoms

Stacy visits the County's African-American Research Library and Cultural Center to view their latest free exhibit, The Fabulous Forties on the Ave. Assistant Regional Library Manager, Essie Denoms, walks us through a re-creation of 5th Avenue in the 1940's, a vibrant African-American community in Fort Lauderdale. View:

Part One | Part Two


Commissioner Ritter meets with Nicki Grossman, the President of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, to discuss tourism. Learn how tourism impacts the local economy and its affect on employment. Find out about the great things local residents can enjoy. View:

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Commissioner Ritter talks with Kent George

Commissioner Ritter meets with Kent George, Aviation Director, to discuss how the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport has grown to become the busiest general aviation airport in the country. View:

    Part One | Part Two | Part Three

    Commissioner Ritter talks with Harold Tutt

    Commissioner Ritter and Tim Garling, Division Director of Broward County Transit, discuss the advantages of the new hybrid articulated buses and how technology is making public transportation more convenient and enjoyable. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Stacy Ritter and Lori Parrish

      Commissioner Ritter interviews Lori Parrish, Broward County Property Appraiser and discusses the role of the Property Appraisers’ Office, how your home is appraised and how seniors are notified about property exemptions. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Stacy inside car

      Commissioner Ritter attends the 2011 Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Summit in Coral Springs and test drives the new Nissan Leaf. Chris Heshmati from the South Florida Regional Planning Council and Commissioner Ritter discuss new technologies surrounding electric vehicles. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Bertha Henry and Commissioner Ritter

      Commissioner Ritter talks with County Administrator Bertha Henry to discuss the County’s budget, property taxes and how budget reductions were made over the past several years. They discuss future upgrades at the Airport and Seaport and how they translate into job creation. View:

      Commissioner Stacy Ritter and Sheri Brown

      Commissioner Ritter interviews Sheri Brown from the Community Foundation of Broward to discuss the Foundation’s role, its funding and how it helps residents and organizations throughout the County. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Commissioner Stacy Ritter and Sheila Smith of 211

      Commissioner Ritter speaks with Sheila Smith of 2-1-1 Broward. They discuss the services offered by the 2-1-1 help line and what residents can expect when calling. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Broward Helps Elderly and Veterans (Part 1)

      Commissioner Ritter sits down with Andrea Busada, Director of Broward County’s Elderly and Veterans Services Division. They discuss program funding and focus on behavioral health and substance abuse services as well as the veterans program. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Dancing With The Stars Part 1

      Commissioner Ritter chats with Penny Loughan, CEO of The Pantry of Broward. The Pantry helps hundreds of low income seniors by distributing food and providing support services. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Coffee with Stacy Traffic and Engineering

      Commissioner Ritter talks with Scott Brunner, Assistant Director of Broward County Traffic Engineering about the success of the County’s traffic light synchronization program and the controversial Red Light Cameras. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Coffee with Stacy Media in Politics Part 1

      Commissioner Ritter speaks with Earl Maucker, a recently appointed Lighthouse Point City Commissioner and former Executive Editor of the Sun-Sentinel. They discuss political life, how journalism has changed and the effects of social media. View:

      Part One | Part Two | Part Three

      Human Services Part 1

      Commissioner Ritter meets with Susan Myers, the (now former) Director of Broward County Human Services. The two discuss many services including the Broward Addiction Recovery Center, Family Success Centers and Elderly and Veterans Services. View:

      Part One | Part Two

      Coffee with Stacy Budget Facts

      Commissioner Ritter discusses budget basics with Marcia Gelman, Broward County’s Assistant Budget Director.

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      Coffee with Stacy Transportation

      Commissioner Ritter speaks with Broward Transportation Director Chris Walton. They explore the County’s bus service from funding to routes.

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      Coffee with Stacy Civility in Government

      Commissioner Ritter meets with Dr. Robert Watson of Lynn University and discusses civility in government and the role of the media. They reflect on the shootings in Tucson, AZ.

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      TABOR Workshop

      Commissioner Ritter speaks with state lawmakers who represent Broward County about the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) during a workshop at the Governmental Center, February 2011.

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