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October 2013

Fall Forward

Have you noticed houses in your neighborhood are selling faster? Some businesses are beginning to hire? Cautious optimism is slowly emerging around Broward County as the first signs of economic recovery begin to appear here long after they have settled in around the rest of the country. Many families are still hurting, but there’s hope for rebirth. Your county government passed a budget that preserves many services that were endangered. We’re helping citizens figure out the complex healthcare law. Work seems to be on schedule on I-595 and the airport. We’re working to preserve the environment that is the pride of Broward County and the envy of the nation. With your help and support, together we are coming back.

Budgeting For The Future

Despite persisting economic pressures, Broward County enters its new fiscal year this month not only keeping its most popular services intact, but in funding the countywide emergency communications system that the voters asked for almost 11 years ago.

The County Commission gave final approval on Sept. 24 to a fiscally responsible budget for fiscal year 2014 of $4.1 billion in expenditures supported by tax and non-tax funds.

An uptick in property values and a small tax increase ensure that the level of services will be maintained at such operations as libraries and parks that taxpayers have insisted be preserved.

Taxes for some residents will rise slightly. The rate will be .17 mills or less than 20 cents per $1,000 of taxable value. The combined millage rate is $5.723 per thousand dollars of taxable value.

Homestead property owners with the Save Our Home differential whose homes have an average taxable value of $124,000 will likely expect a $37 increase in the county portion of the tax bill. Non-homestead residential properties with an average taxable value of $132,000 will experience an estimated increase of $61. 

Much of this is to support the dispatch service consolidation that is designed to improve public safety and increase response times for emergency units, all while achieving long-term cost savings for taxpayers. More...

Clearing The Air On Healthcare

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) may seem like a complex and confusing program. But regardless of the debate, many of its provisions will kick in over the next few months. It is crucial to know whether it directly affects you and your family. What options do you have? How do you enroll?

Straight-forward, clear answers about the healthcare marketplace, how it works, and your potential involvement are available for free in one-hour workshops at the Broward County libraries, courtesy of the League of Women Voters of Broward County and AARP. Each workshop includes a presentation, informational handouts, and a question-and-answer session.

Workshops serving District 5:

Date  Time  Location 
October 3 10:30 am Sunrise Library
10500 W Oakland Park Boulevard, Sunrise
October 11  1:00 pm  Pembroke Pines Library
955 NW 129th Avenue, Pembroke Pines
October 30  6:00 pm  SW Regional Library
16835 Sheridan Street, Pembroke Pines
November 2 3:00 pm  Weston Library
4205 Bonaventure Boulevard, Weston
November 6 10:30 am  West Regional Library
8601 W Broward Boulevard, Plantation
November 9 1:00 pm  Davie/Cooper City Library
4600 SW 82nd Avenue, Davie

Complete list of Broward County Workshops

Climate For Change

Broward County’s climate has always been key to our quality of life and the health of our tourism industry. Ordinary citizens, scientists, government leaders, and many others will gather in November to discuss ways of preserving and improving our natural resources during the 5th Annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit.

The conference slated for November 7-8 will focus on how the region’s multiple counties can band together to take action to pressure federal and state agencies to help in the fight.

A crowded schedule includes:

  • free Congressional Town Hall featuring members of Congress
  • workshop on innovative tools to deal with climate change
  • panel featuring local officials from the Northeast and mid-Atlantic discussing recovery from Superstorm Sandy
  • panel highlighting federal agency leadership on climate issues

The meeting is sponsored by the Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact, a group created in January 2010 among Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe, and Palm Beach counties to coordinate efforts across county lines.

Other than the Town Hall, a registration fee is required. The sessions will be held at the Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center at 1950 Eisenhower Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale. More...

Lend A Helping Paw

Residents who love animals can volunteer their time to help sheltered animals at the Broward County Animal Care and Adoption programs.

Opportunities include:

  • Greeter – Assist residents visiting the shelter to find a lost pet, report a lost or found dog or cat, adopt a pet.
  • Office Assistant – Provide administrative support by assisting with data entry, adoption follow-up phone calls, enrollment in our spay/neuter program.
  • Adoption/Kennel Assistant – Assist with cleaning the kennel runs.
  • Dog Walker – Provide exercise for adoptable dogs.
  • Groomer – Assist staff with grooming adoptable animals (certification is required)
  • Photographer/Artist – Photograph dogs and cats for the website and publications.
  • Special Event Assistant – Teenagers to assist staff with adoption events

For further information, contact the volunteer coordinator at (954) 359-1313 ext. 9685 or click here.

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