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January 2014 Newsletter

Commissioner Sue Gunzburger
Broward County Commission, District 6

My thoughts as we begin 2014:  It is a new year and therefore a time to start anew.  Not just with resolutions that we rarely keep, but with ones that are meaningful and make a positive difference in our community. We can always make the same ones that many do and yet do not follow through. You know, such as eating healthy, eating less and exercising more, or to stop smoking.  

However, even though these hopeful determinations center on improving our own lives; truthfully, how many times have we abandoned working on those good intentions after just a few weeks?  

Accordingly for 2014, what about being resolved instead to reaching out to a neighbor that may need our helping hand, a ride to the supermarket, or to the doctor?  How about actually remembering to bring non-perishable foods and family supplies to our local food bank collection boxes in the County’s branch libraries?  What about volunteering and truly serving on a charity and/or government advisory board in order to make a personal contribution for a positive community difference?

Let us resolve in 2014 to try harder for the good of all.  The rewards are great and the self-pride we all shall feel will make this truly a wonderful year to remember.

Also in terms of community involvement, 2014 is an election year. There will be a statewide primary on August 26th and a General Election on November 4th.  As early as March 11th some cities, Pembroke Pines for example, are scheduled to have municipal elections.  It is never too early to sign-up for an absentee/vote by mail ballot.  In order to do so, please contact the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office at 954-357-7055, or go on-line to and click-on “absentee voting information”.   Follow the instructions to make sure your most important franchise, the vote, is duly exercised and  your absentee/vote by mail ballot is included in the results for each of this year’s elections..

Finally, in furtherance of community spirit and purpose, I look forward on January 20th to celebrating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., on the holiday observance of his birthday.
As always, if you have an issue or matter you would like to discuss with me, please contact my office at 954-357-7006, or by e-mail at

Again, in 2014 let us be truly resolved to making a community difference as well as to having a Happy Healthy 2014!