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2011 - A New Year

I am very proud to serve as Broward County Mayor this year. I was selected by my colleagues on the Broward Commission to serve in the role of Mayor, and as stated in the County Charter, this means I will preside over all Commission meetings, serve in an official role at public ceremonies and events and be responsible for signing official documents.

In my new role as Mayor I hope to make positive changes in Broward County. 
Job creation is certainly an immediate priority.  Tourism is the backbone of our local economy and I believe we must double our efforts to enhance Broward County as a premier tourist destination and convention site. 

Climate change and rising sea levels give us an opportunity to attract industries that seek to solve environmental problems and by doing so create “green” jobs. 

I also think that by expanding the creative arts in Broward County, we can attract large companies looking to ensure a quality of life for their employees.

You’ll also see a renewed emphasis on regionalism.  We’ll see more immediate success in attracting businesses and creating jobs if we partner with our neighbors in Miami-Dade and Palm Beach County. It is my intention to call a tri-county meeting so that we can set regional goals, discuss issues of mutual concern and create a road map for the future.

We will also once again face severe budget cuts in 2011, due to shrinking ad valorem taxes, which have forced us to cut services rather than raise property taxes. In order to face this ongoing challenge, I am going to hold a series of goal-setting workshops in order to create short term and long term goals for Broward County. Real goals and real planning will be necessary to successfully carry us through the next decade. 

It is also my hope that this Commission will continue to demonstrate its commitment to implementing and following the new Code of Ethics that we unanimously adopted four months ago. I believe that strict adherence to the Ethics Code along with the creation of an Office of Inspector General this year will restore public trust in Broward County Government.

Of course I continue to serve as your County Commissioner representing District 6, as I have proudly done for the past 19 years and because of your votes will do so for the next four years.  If you have questions, concerns or comments please feel free to call my office at (954) 357-7006 or send an e-mail at

Let’s work together to ensure a Happy and Prosperous New Year!