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Goal Setting 2013

Unlike the current governance gridlock in Washington, D. C., the County Commission has again taken steps to insure the public’s business is being addressed. We recently had our Goal Setting Retreat. The last Retreat occurred in January 2011 during my County Commission Mayoral Year.

At the Retreat we reviewed the Commission’s Seven Visions which are:

  • Efficient and Accessible Regional Intermodal Transportation Network
  • A Community with Accessible, Vibrant Arts and Culture, Recreation and Learning Opportunities
  • Social Safety Net: An Accessible Collaborative Approach to Health and Human Services
  • A Pristine, Healthy Environment
  • Unlimited Economic Opportunities
  • A Sustainable, Creative Approach to Community Redevelopment and Affordable Housing
  • Fiscally Sustainable and Transparent Government

During the Retreat, we added “and homelessness”, to the Social Safety Net Vision, and “including well maintained County facilities and infrastructures”, to the Pristine, Healthy Environment Vision.

We discussed various goals statements to support and implement each Vision to produce qualitative and quantitative outcomes for future attainment assessment. To view the County Commission’s Visions and Goals in its entirety, visit the County web at: However, please allow some time for the pages to be updated to reflect the additions and revisions made at the Retreat.

Also, we were given a preliminary “guesstimate” of the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget and value of the countywide property tax roll. A modest forecast of a two percent (2%) increase in value of the property roll means we will once more have to sharpen our budgetary pencils. Again, we face increased costs as the result of inflation, costs shifts from the state and federal government, and normal increases for insurances; casualty and health. Post Retreat and at this writing, we are VERY concerned about the Sequester cuts imposed by the federal government and any adverse impacts to the County’s current budget and future operations.

Finally, we collectively reiterated our steadfastness to further foster economic policies and practices that facilitate business and employment growth. In other words: “JOBS, JOBS, JOBS”, continues as our mantra. We reaffirmed our commitment to the most vulnerable special populations throughout our County, as well to be vigilant about the environment: our fragile eco-systems, beach renourishment, water, wastewater, renewable energy, and solid waste disposal/recycling.

So again, unlike the gridlock in Washington, your County Commission is working together to accomplish the people’s business and keep our communities as whole as possible within the limited resources we have available.

As always, if there is a matter or issue you would like to discuss with me, please contact my office at 954-357-7006, or e-mail In the interim, warmest personal regards and continued best wishes, especially good health.