District 9 - Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness - Mid-Term Report
District 9 Accomplishments:

Hello My Friends,
I hope that you have a moment for an update on all that is taking place in our community. We have reached many milestones and have achieved some major accomplishments since my taking office November 16, 2010.

November 2010

Disparity Study

The Broward County Commission held a workshop to discuss the 2010 Disparity Study.  The purpose of the study was to examine the past and current status of women and minority owned businesses in Broward County.  The NERA economic consulting firm was hired to determine if current race and gender neutral programs have eliminated discrimination.

After a two year preliminary investigation, NERA did find statistical and anecdotal evidence of discrimination against women and minority businesses in Broward County’s relevant market area.  The study also noted that the availability of women and minority businesses was substantially lower than in a commercial marketplace free from discrimination.  There was also a significant gap in earnings.

As promised, I have been aggressive and persistent in bringing about change that has increased business opportunities for minorities and women including sponsoring a change in our Procurement code that allows for small business to have sheltered contracting opportunities.

December 2010

Trinidad Trade Mission

Trinidad and Tobago on trade mission to encourage trade and develop profitable business relationships with the Caribbean nationLast year, I led a delegation of 20 people to Trinidad and Tobago on a trade mission to encourage trade and develop profitable business relationships with the Caribbean nation. They are the wealthiest Caribbean nation in terms of per capita income.  Trinidad companies already do business with our airport and Port Everglades. There are key business opportunities in areas such as alternate energy and wholesale items that Broward County can benefit from. The Nation of Trinidad and Tobago is ranked 28th among Florida’s top 50 merchandise trading partners with total trade valued at an estimated $914 million in 2010. Exports from South Florida to the twin island nation totaled $850-million last year.

January 2011

Pompano Beach Clean-up and BeautificationPompano Beach Clean-up and Beautification
In partnership with Volunteer Broward, Pompano Beach City Officials, local sponsors and volunteers, a series of beautification projects has taken place throughout District 9, beginning with Collier City. Work in the community included trash pick-up, landscaping vacant lots, planting flowers, shrubs an