Academy Testimonials

2015 Broward Academy Participant Testimonials​

​“Broward Academy 2015 was a very informative and thought provoking program. Each evening a different facet of Broward County operations was presented, as department representatives and staff gave thorough overviews of their department’s mission and endeavors. As a long time Broward County citizen, I thought I was informed of the workings of our community, however the Academy revealed a depth and expanse that I was not aware of.“

“Perhaps the biggest take away was the opportunity for an in-depth exposure to the professional, intelligent and motivated Broward County employees. These employees represent our County well; as a group, they look forward to protecting and enhancing our community’s assets while being mindful of the history and changing culture of Broward County.”

Suzanne Z. Weiss

"The academy was an unexpectedly illuminating experience. I did expect to learn a few things about Broward County, however, the wealth of information was astounding! It gave me a deep appreciation for all the hard work, innovation, and effort that goes into making this such a vibrant, progressive community. It is with the sincerest appreciation that I say thank you for the opportunity."

Kim Cameron Plummer

"The Broward Academy is a must if you want to go beyond the headlines to learn how Broward County government actually works."

Roberto Santiago

What an amazing and Informative experience! The Broward Academy is an inspirational learning experience for interested residents, community advocates, or even if you are interested in becoming a public official. As a community leader, the Broward Academy allowed me to learn hands on how Broward County functions. This allows to me disseminate information, processes, and policies and procedures to the community to encourage communication and foster the participation of everyday residents in the process through volunteerism. The Broward Academy was organized and had an array of highly qualified and experienced staff who were able to answer the variety of questions posed by the group. I have to commend all the Broward Commissioners and officials who support this learning experience. I was given the opportunity of a life time and it was time well spent. I would recommend and encourage anyone interested in being a community leader, advocate, public official, or anyone interested in understanding more about how our wonderful County conducts business and watches out for our best interest to participate in this learning experience!

Gilberto Amador

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Academy participants tour Broward County’s Emergency Operations Center including the press conference room Academy participants get a behind-the-scenes tour of Broward County’s Port Everglades​