Computer Aided Dispatch System

Scope of Project: Replace the legacy Regional Computer Aided Dispatch System with a new, state of the art, next generation Computer Aided Dispatch System.

Status Update: The new Motorola PremierOne CAD is a sophisticated and feature-rich, multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency operating platform capable of interfacing with the County’s E-911 System, Radio System, Regional Law and Fire Records Systems, and Paging and Toning Systems; and comes integrated with Automatic Vehicle/Resource Location and in-vehicle mobile mapping.

This $5.3M project, inclusive of additional training, successfully brought together select members from the Police and Fire Chiefs’ Associations, Communications Union, BSO, and County to provide the subject expertise and operational knowledge to this far-reaching implementation. Continued updates are being made based on end user feedback.

Project Completed: March 28, 2017