Local Government Radio System

Scope of Project: The scope of this project is the establishment of a local government radio system. This is a complete turn-key MotoTRBO Connect Plus digital trunked TDMA UHF 400 MHz Radio System inclusive of all engineering, equipment, software, software licensing, FCC licensing, hardware, installation, implementation, integration, configuration, training, maintenance and support services. Broward County Local Government agencies will be migrated from the existing Public Safety 800 MHZ radio system to the new system. The radio system will consist of 4 County sites, with 6 channels per Site. The System will seamlessly integrate with the City of Sunrise existing MOTOTRBO Capacity plus 5 channel system. The System will also interoperate with the existing Broward County 800 MHZ Trunked Radio System, and future P25 Trunked Radio System. The System will provide a minimum of 90% reliability County–wide, medium-density building, radio coverage with a minimum Digital Audio Quality (DAQ) of 3.0.

Status Update: The vendor originally contracted, Control Communications, Inc., declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy before completing the project. We are currently going through the Only Reasonable Source Procurement process with a Motorola-authorized channel partner that possesses the expertise to successfully complete the project.

Project Completion Timeframe: end of 1st Quarter, 2018