About Us

Department Description

The Office of Regional Communications and Technology (ORCT) is responsible for developing the strategic direction; and for the engineering, implementation and operations associated with the Broward County Regional Public Safety Communications Infrastructure and its Public Safety Applications. The Regional Public Safety Communications Infrastructure is the medium through which Broward County municipalities and Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) establish connections to hosted applications such as the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system which is used to support closest unit response for Fire/Rescue. ORCT is also responsible for developing and maintaining the Public Safety Infrastructure Annual Technology Plan.

The Office of Regional Communications and Technology is comprised of three divisions: Regional Public Safety Applications, Wireless Systems (Narrowband Voice and Broadband Data), E-911 Wireline and Wireless Programs. Each division has program management responsibilities which provide the planning, engineering, project management, and operational guidance functions required to support OCT’s Regional Public Safety Applications and Communications Infrastructure.

In summary, twenty-two (22) Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue agencies throughout Broward County and ten (10) Dispatch Centers rely on the Office of Communications Technology for efficient and reliable public safety infrastructure and application services.

Mission Statement

To foster collaboration, information sharing and voice interoperability by strategically designing, implementing and maintaining cost effective mission critical public safety applications, E-911, Radio Communications and Mobile Broadband Systems that best meet the requirements of Broward County’s first responders.

Purpose Statement

Provide excellence in Broward County’s Public Safety Communications infrastructure, providing interoperability to first responders through strategically designed mission critical public safety applications.

Vision Statement

We view our mission and approach as leaders in communications technology – locally and regionally – with a focus in management, support, and in service. We pursue our objectives in a collaborative effort in which dedicate and support one another; enhancing operations to reach optimal performance in Broward County. With many initiatives underway, we look forward to continuing our excellence and use of our core competencies with mission critical and regional objectives.

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