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Committee Members


Membership on the committee is a representation of community interest groups that will provide valuable feedback to Broward County.

  • Commissioner Lois Wexler - Broward County Board of County Commissioners (Appointed by the Board of County Commissioners)
  • Bob Swindell - Business community (Appointed by the Board of County Commissioners)
  • Mayor Mike Ryan, City of Sunrise - Broward League of Cities
  • Alphonso Jefferson, Jr., Assistant County Administrator - Broward County Administration
  • Bruce Loucks, City Manager, Cooper City - Broward City County Management Association
  • Keith Dunn, Assistant Chief of Police, Town of Davie - Broward County Chiefs of Police Association
  • Mike Burton, Fire Chief for the City of Tamarac - Fire Chief’s Association of Broward County
  • Bob Pusins, Broward Sheriff Office Department of Community Services - Sheriff of Broward County
  • Cheryl Rashkin, Manager, Trauma and EMS Section - Broward County Trauma Management Agency
  • Charles Wohlitka - EMS Council