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Space Planning and Allocation Procedures
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Space Planning and Allocation Procedures
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Agency Determines the Need for Space

When a County agency determines they need more space for their operations, they must contact the Office of Management and Budget for preliminary approval to proceed. Upon preliminary approval, the Agency will contact Construction Management Division to clarify space requirements and to determine the square footage necessary for agency expansion and/or renovation to existing space. Construction Management Division will provide an initial space analysis and preliminary budget estimate based on the information provided by the user agency. All space requests to Construction Management Division must have the approval of the requesting user agency director and the Office of Management and Budget.

Construction Management Division Analyzes the Amount of Space Allocation

The User Agency must submit a "Space Planning Estimating Worksheet" for each of the following:

Construction Management Division Allocates Total Square Footage of Space 

Space will be allocated to each personnel area based on the function of that position and the Construction Management Division Space Standard Guidelines.

Space will be allocated to each auxiliary support area. A factor for circulation within the office suite and, if required, a factor for general building/functions/circulation, such as stairs, elevation, restrooms, will be calculated into the total space allocation.

User agency approves space allocation and preliminary office configuration diagrams.

Upon receipt of the user agency director's approval of the preliminary configuration diagrams, Construction Management Division will determine availability of county-owned space to support the user space requirements. If county-owned space is not sufficient to support the user requirements, the user agency may contact the Broward County Real Property Division for possible lease or purchase options.


Construction Management Division will advise the User Agency of the preliminary cost estimate for renovation.

Funds required to support construction, repair and renovation projects undertaken by user agencies are normally provided in the annual capital budgets and managed by Construction Management Division.

Funds required for the purchase and maintenance of non-installed furnishings and furniture are normally provided for in the annual budget of the organizations(s) concerned, except when provided for as a part of the capital budget.

Funding must be in place before Construction Management Division will proceed with programming, design and construction.


Construction Management Division will refine the total amount of space required using the previous space allocation.

Construction Management Division will conduct a programming phase to identify the appropriate type and size of office for each personnel area and the appropriate type and size of space for each auxiliary support area.

Typical office layouts for each office size will be illustrated based on general space allocation guidelines. The final layout will be based on the particular function of the personnel position. Specific space assignments are limited to one office per person, per organization. Privacy or “huddle” rooms will be provided, if possible to accommodate personnel that work in multiple sites, but are intended for shared use by all office personnel.

The design objective is to create open-office areas with floor to ceiling partitions limited to Assistant Division Directors and above. Window views will be provided to every work station in an office if possible, and systems partitions and furnishings will be proposed for their flexibility and cost effectiveness. The use of partitions of 36-inch, 48-inch (seating privacy) and 67-inch heights provides flexibility in designing lighting, sprinklers and air-conditioning for future use.

The flow of work in personnel and auxiliary support areas will be diagrammed and discussed in meeting with the user agency.

Design and Approval

A preliminary floor plan layout will be designed based on the programming phase and the plans of the building to be renovated. The floor plan will be given to the user agency for approval.

Upon approval by the User Agency, design development and construction drawings will be developed for lighting, electrical/telephone/data; heating, ventilating, air-conditioning; and sprinklers, etc. This work will be done either in-house by Construction Management Division, by the division's continuing-term architect for projects of construction cost less than $500,000 or by RLI selection of an architect for projects over $500,000.

Design funds should be transferred by the user agency to Construction Management Division, who will be responsible for project management. Construction Management Division will coordinate the overall effort, including interface with Broward County Enterprise Technology Services. The architect of record will be responsible for securing the building permit.

Construction Management Division and the user agency will meet with the vendor for systems partitions and furniture. Construction Management Division will coordinate the interface of the furniture vendor within the design and construction process.


Construction will be performed by one of the following:

  • Facilities Management Division
  • A General Contractor selected by bid through the Broward County Purchasing Division

Construction Management Division will serve as project manager for the construction phase, approving payments from funds allocated by the user agency and administering the project through substantial and final completion with final inspection, including a user agency representative. The project manager will conduct regularly scheduled project meetings to manage and communicate project status.

User agency will arrange moving services through Facilities Maintenance Division or a county-approved vendor and occupy the new space.


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