About Us

We Serve and Protect


A world class provider of regulatory services.


Protect and improve the quality of life in Broward County through smart regulation.

Our Values

We Serve the Public. We vigorously strive to protect and improve the general welfare and quality of life in Broward County. We provide services openly, effectively, efficiently, and conveniently.

We Pursue Excellence. We actively embrace opportunities to provide excellent internal and external customer service. We meet challenges with resolve and enthusiasm. We commit to doing the right things the right way and not ignore things that are wrong.

We Embrace Change. We understand change is a fact of the work environment and are committed to demonstrating resiliency, flexibility, fearlessness, and thoughtfulness in responding to these changes. Where appropriate, we will not hesitate to lead change.

We Act with Integrity. We make decisions based on data to obtain the best result. We interact with respectful candor. We are professionals. We are trustworthy.

We Serve Each Other. We support and encourage each other to realize our fullest potentials. Individual opinions are valued and personal growth is actively encouraged. We strive to maintain a fun, team environment.

Our Programs

Our organizational structure​ includes:

  • Hazardous Material Compliance Assistance and Licensing programs: protecting Broward County’s environment and drinking water supply from releases of hazardous materials into our environment
  • Consumer Protection Program: assisting regulated businesses in adhering to Broward County’s consumer protection code, and responding to consumer complaints
  • Childcare Licensing: Regulating, enforcing and improving the quality of childcare through implementation of state-mandated licensing of all childcare facilities and family childcare homes in Broward County
  • Enforcement Program: compelling compliance with Broward County’s environmental and consumer protection ordinances when required. 
​These separate sections work as one, protecting Broward County’s environment and consumers.​


Our new website is still under construction. You may notice some problems with the site as we complete it. Your feedback is welcome; please call us at 954-519-1260 or send an email to jstagnari@broward.org​. Thank you.