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 Public Notice Requirement


For Significant Environmental Impact Facilities

Effective April 23, 2013, if you are applying for a license to construct, operate or make a major modification to a Significant Environmental Impact Facility, you may be required to provide public notices.

Significant Environmental Impact Facilities:

  • Parking facility with more than 750 parking spaces
  • Electrical power plants
  • Major source of air pollution
  • Wastewater treatment plant or non-domestic wastewater discharge
  • Solid waste management facility
  • Storage Tank Facility installing a tank greater than 30,000 gallons
  • Hazardous material transfer facility
  • Hazardous material wellfield facility located in a zone 1 wellfield protection area
  • Hazardous waste large quantity generator

When Are The Notices Required?

  • Within nine (9) days after the filing of an application for license,
  • Within nine (9) days after receipt of a license or intent to issue a license, and
  • Cannot be within five or less days from a holiday.

Who needs to be notified?

Review the Code (Chapter 27-170 - Public Notice of Licensing Significant Environmental Impact Facilities and if zoning is involved, Chapter 39 - Zoning, especially Sections 39.27 and 39.38) for details on the County's notification requirements.

What does the notice need to say?

Notice Template (pdf - 81Kb)

How do I inform Broward County that I have Completed the Notifications?

Complete this Affidavit and submit the notifications to your Broward County licensing contact.​