As the population of Broward County continues to grow, so does the use of hazardous chemicals and the potential for contamination of our drinking water supplies. Toxic chemicals from chemical spills can persist for a long time underground and they can travel great distances in the subsurface environment to our public potable water wells.

Our main water supplies are dependent on a rain-driven system which recharges the highly transmissive Biscayne Aquifer providing water to more than 250 supply wells found in 39 wellfields. The treated water is distributed by public and private utilities to Broward County residents, visitors, and businesses.

This program establishes protected areas around public and private wellfields. The program’s responsibility is to regulate the storage, handling, use, and production of regulated substances at facilities within the wellfield protected areas. The program’s mission is to prevent hazardous chemicals from being released into the environment where the chemicals can migrate into our potable water supply.

The Wellfield Protection Program has existed since 1984 and has been a program in the Pollution Prevention Division (PPD) since 1990.​​​