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Consumer Protection Board


Promote, protect, and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Broward County by hearing consumer complaints submitted against businesses operating in Broward County where unfair, deceptive or illegal activity is alleged.

Created pursuant to Broward County Charter, Article I, Section 1.04 (o)


  • Jill Aronofsky
  • Larry Clark
  • Tiffany Ennis
  • Michael F. Flynn
  • Matthew Fornaro
  • David Geller Ryann Greenberg
  • Beth M. Lerner
  • Mary Macfie
  • Joseph Marguess
  • Kristen J. Pesicek Zolton Williams Ann Zucker

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Meetings occur on the third Wednesday of March, May, September and November at 9:30AM at Broward County Government Center West.


March 15th · Minutes​


March 16th | May 18th · Minutes | Sep 21st · Minutes​ | Nov 16th · Minutes​


Mar 18th · No quorum met | May 20th · No quorum met | ​Sep 15th · Minutes | Nov 18th · Minutes