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Environmental and Consumer Protection

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What We Do

The Environmental and Consumer Protection Division are the advocates for the public. We provide information on child care licensing, environmental issues, disability assistance, auto repair, hazardous materials, movers, taxicabs, illegal towing and vehicles for hire. Learn about the Consumer Bill of Rights and how to file a consumer complaint.


We issue licenses and permits for several industries in Broward County. County regulations ensure a fair, safe and competitive marketplace, establish your rights and responsibilities when conducting business with them and also outline how to become a licensee.

The Environmental and Consumer Protection Division (ECPD) protects the environment by regulating businesses with hazardous materials and storage tanks. Additionally, to provide safe and secure management of Broward County aquifers, ECPD regulates businesses that store, handle or use high-risk hazardous materials within wellfield protection areas of Broward County's community water systems. 


We administer, regulate and enforce county, state and federal consumer protection laws and rules involving unfair or deceptive trade practices and offer information and referral involving consumer issues. We will investigate and mediate your complaint if you feel you are a victim of an unfair or deceptive trade practice by a business located in Broward County or involving a service performed in Broward County. We also issue citations against a variety of businesses, including auto repair shops, auto body/paint shops, taxicabs, limousines, transport vans, chauffeurs, kosher food sellers and movers operating in violation of county ordinances.​

Child Care Licensing and Enforcement

The mission of the Child Care Licensing and Enforcement section (CCLE) is to regulate, enforce and improve the quality of child care in Broward County. CCLE is responsible for the implementation of the state-mandated licensing of all child care facilities and family child care homes in Broward County. CCLE monitors child care providers for compliance with health and safety standards. It also registers religious and non-public schools offering child care services. CCLE is the only COA approved agency in the Country.


Auto Body, Paint Show, Auto Repair, Chauffeur, Child Care, Hazardous Materials, Kosher Food, Medical Transport, Movers, Storage Tanks, Towing and Vehicle for Hire forms.