Mobile Shower Unit for Homeless

Mobile Homeless Shower UnitIn support of an identified need for mobile showers for Broward’s homeless, HOPE South Florida has implemented a new Mobile Shower Unit Service, a priority identified by the Broward “A Way Home” Homeless Continuum of Care Board’s Ad Hoc Central Fort Lauderdale Committee. The project was funded by a local private donor with matching funding from the Stacy Foundation.

Annually, more than 2,000 people in the county will have access to free showers. A 29 ½-foot trailer with six shower units and bathrooms. The trailer also includes things such as toothpaste, shaving kits and lotion.

Broward County’s 2016 Point-in-Time Homeless Count confirmed that 2,302 people are experiencing homeless in the area. The project is expected to help boost the confidence of the homeless and address a critical need that has previously gone unmet. More…