Needs and Issues

To Identify and Focus Attention on the Needs and Issues of Our Diverse Community.

The Broward County Diversity Advisory Council was established by the Board of County Commissioners in 1990 to examine issues affecting the County's growing diverse community. The Diversity Advisory Council has been a leader in the promotion of diversity since its inception in 1990. The Broward County Commission, through the Diversity Advisory Council, acknowledges the positive opportunities found throughout an ethnically and culturally diverse county.

The Diversity Advisory Council has the following functions and duties:

  1. To collect, analyze, and interpret information source on ethnic and cultural diversity issues, and to disseminate reports to the Broward County Commission and other interested groups and individuals.

  2. To develop recommendations for addressing ethnic and cultural diversity issues and problems affecting community relations in Broward County.

  3. To develop and present conferences, seminars, and other community programs designed to promote ethnic and cultural diversity understanding at all levels of community life in Broward County.

Each County Commissioner appoints two members to the Diversity Advisory Council.
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The Diversity Advisory Council meets once a month and its meetings are open to the public.
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Your support and involvement are welcome.

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Diversity Advisory Council
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