Broward Statistics

Ethnic Diversity

Broward County reflects a melting pot comprised of residents from more than 71 countries, with West Indian claiming the top ancestral heritage, followed by the Italian, Irish, American and German rounding out the top 15 nationalities
Source: the American Community Survey.

Total: 1,780,172
Other Groups: 737,431
West Indian (except Hispanic groups): 228,878
Unclassified or not reported: 126,129
Italian: 114,797
Irish: 85,645
American: 82,118
German: 79,686
English: 48,447
Polish: 34,910
Russian: 32,752
Brazilian: 17,927
French (except Basque): 17,907
European: 15,146
Subsaharan African: 13,778
Scottish: 10,665
Hungarian: 10,158

Language Diversity

While demographics show the County population is ever-changing, the American Community Survey shows that English remains the most commonly used language.

Population 5 years and over: 1,675,714
Speaks only English: 62.4%
Speaks a language other than English: 37.6%
Spanish or Spanish Creole: 23.2%
Other Indo-European languages: 11.5%
Asian and Pacific Island languages: 1.7%
Other languages: 1.2%
Speaks a Language Other than English
Spanish or Spanish Creole: 388,561
Other Indo-European Languages: 193,426
Asian and Pacific Island Languages: 29,030​​