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Message from the Broward County
Board of County Commissioners

Two boysWe live in a diverse multi-ethnic and urban County of 1.8 million people. Just look around and you will see the rich diversity that has made our County a home for those seeking economic opportunity, individual freedom and a superior quality of life.  According to the 2010 census, the County, for the first time, has become a "minority-majority" county. little boy playing chessThe Non-Hispanic white population accounted for less than 42 percent, more than 28 percent of the population is African-American, nearly 32 percent of residents are foreign born and 79 percent of foreign-born residents are from Latin America.
By 2030, Broward County's Office of Urban Planning and Redevelopment projects that the County's population will reach 2.5 million people from many diverse ethnic backgrounds. More information about our changing demographics is at "Broward-By- The-Numbers." two little girls

With a large population reflecting widely diverse religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, it is important that we understand and respect each other. The diversity of our community is an asset that we must value and celebrate.


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