Our Purpose, Strategy and Function

Our Purpose

To identify and focus attention on the needs and issues of our diverse county.

Our Strategy

In order to achieve our purpose we will utilize the following tools:

  • Facilitate communication among elected officials and the ethnic and cultural groups they serve. 
  • Bring together community, civic, religious, business, governmental, and professional groups. 
  • Promote ethno-cultural diversity at all levels. 
  • Increase multi-ethnic knowledge, awareness, sensitivity, skills, maturity, and competency. 
  • Encourage an understanding of diversity and similarity between and within cultures.  
  • Build capacity for ethno-cultural self-assessments.

What the Diversity Advisory Council Does

The Diversity Advisory Council has the following functions and duties:

  • Collect, analyze and interpret information on ethnic and cultural diversity issues, and to disseminate reports to the Broward County Commission and other interested groups and individuals.
  • Develop recommendations for addressing ethnic and cultural diversity issues and problems affecting community relations in Broward County.
  • Develop and present conferences, seminars, and other community programs designed to promote ethnic, cultural and diversity understanding at all levels of community life in Broward County.
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