About easyPay


Q.  Is Broward County getting a new payroll system?
A. Cyborg is still our payroll system. However, there is a new timekeeping system coming that will change the way information about employee attendance and hours worked is collected and submitted to Cyborg. The new system is fully automated, and because it will eliminate the need for paper time sheets and paper leave slips, it’s also environmentally-friendly! It’s all part of a new and improved employee payroll initiative, sponsored by Human Resources, Accounting and Enterprise Technology Services, called easyPay.   
Q. Will there be new screens in Cyborg to interface with easyPay?
A. Yes. Payroll Liaisons will have access to new screens in Cyborg to enter employee supervisor information, FMLA approvers, clock locations, etc. 

Q. When will the new timekeeping system be implemented?
A. easyPay’s new timekeeping system will launch in phases, beginning in January 2014. Two other payroll-related changes were implemented in 2013, in preparation for the new system. In May, paper (manual) paychecks were eliminated and a rapid! PayCard, which is used like a debit card, was introduced as an alternative for employees who choose not to participate in direct deposit. In July, paper pay stubs were replaced by a new online ePay statement, accessible through a new secure employee website, browardemployee.org

Q. Why are we changing our payroll and timekeeping system?
A. Many parts of the current system are inefficient and the technology supporting them is outdated. The process for scheduling employees, tracking leave and reporting hours worked is paper-based and labor intensive. Payroll policies are applied in different ways. easyPay will help ensure that all employees are paid on time, accurately, efficiently and consistently in accordance with union contracts and payroll policies. easyPay will also streamline the bi-weekly payroll process for Payroll Liaisons.

Q. Who’s designing the new system? 
A. The selected vendor is Kronos, a leader in software design for automated workforce management systems. A similar Kronos system has been in place at Water and Wastewater Services since 1995. easyPay is being customized for Broward County, incorporating hours of input received from the project sponsors, agency directors, and a core team of agency subject matter experts. PKING Consulting partnered with Kronos to conduct input interviews with Broward County agencies and manage the change process. Union leaders have also been involved in the process.  

Q. Who will use the new system?
A. All County employees will use some of easyPay’s online functions, such as viewing ePay statements and requesting time off. Hourly employees will report time in easyPay each day; salaried employees will only record exceptions to normal time worked in easyPay. Supervisors and managers will perform payroll, time and attendance tasks online using easyPay.  

Q. How will I find out about the changes?
A. You’ll find updated information about easyPay on this website, broward.org/easyPay. We’ll also share updates in Sun eNews, eCountyLine, and on the BC-Net. Look for flyers and other announcements posted in employee break rooms and other locations. Your payroll liaison will have the latest updates and information on easyPay. You can also email questions and comments to easyPay@broward.org. Answers to frequently asked questions will be posted to this website.  

Q. What changes will I see as an employee?
A. Among other things – no more time sheets and paper leave slips! With easyPay, you’ll submit your time and leave requests online and your supervisor will approve your requests online. If your plans change, you can cancel or change a leave request online. You’ll have confidential, secure online access to all your payroll information.

Q. How will easyPay change the role of the Payroll Liaison?  
A. easyPay will eliminate the manual data entry Payroll Liaisons currently perform, so the payroll process will become easier and take less time to complete. Payroll Liaisons will still perform a final review of payroll each pay period to ensure that all missing or incorrect information (punches, pay code edits, schedule edits, etc.) have been corrected. They will confirm that supervisors have approved employee timesheets. Once confirmed, they will perform the sign off function which locks down the timesheets from further editing and sends information to Payroll Central for processing. The Payroll Liaisons still play an important role in monitoring payroll to ensure it is accurate, consistent and timely.

Q. How will easyPay change the role of supervisors? 
A. Supervisors will now perform their payroll, time and attendance tasks online, including reviewing, editing and approving employee timesheets; reviewing, approving, not approving or rescinding time off requests; and monitoring overtime, attendance, tardiness and employee certifications. Multiple supervisors can be assigned to a group of employees, so that a supervisor’s tasks can be delegated in his or her absence.  

Q. Will easyPay cause changes in the way new hires are processed?
A. There will be minor changes in paperwork for new hires. Stay tuned for details.