Requesting Time Off


Q. How do salaried employees request leave?
A. For pre-planned leave requests, salaried employees enter their requests online, and supervisors approve/deny those requests online. Supervisors are responsible for entering payroll exceptions, such as unplanned sick leave, online, for the employees under their supervision. 

Q. Can planned absences (e.g. vacation, doctor appointments, etc.) be pre-entered into the system?
A. Yes, easyPay will allow you to enter planned absences a year in advance as long as accrued time is available in the corresponding leave bank. 
Q. Will easyPay let me request time off that has not yet accrued in my leave bank?
A. No. easyPay will not accept a time off request if there is not enough time accrued in the corresponding leave bank at the time of the request. easyPay adds time to your leave bank as it accrues, and reduces available hours in your leave bank as you request it. If you have previously requested but not yet taken all of the time in your leave bank, you must cancel or reduce other time off requests to make a new request.
Q. When do my “personal day” and “job basis” leave hours become available in easyPay?
A. Personal day and job basis leave hours are typically added to employee leave banks in mid-January. These hours may be requested as soon as they are posted in easyPay, but not before. Applicable annual leave rules govern the leave utilization. 
Q. How will Leave Without Pay (LWOP) be handled? How will easyPay calculate a Rapid Reward day?
A. All existing types of leave codes will be handled in easyPay, including Leave Without Pay and Rapid Reward. 
Q. How will I know that my leave request is approved?
A. You will receive an email notifying you when your supervisor has approved/denied your leave request. easyPay allows supervisors to delegate approval authority when they are away. 
Q. Will easyPay tell me when my next earned bonus day is?
A. No.