Frequently Asked Questions

Throughout easyPay’s transition and implementation, employees will have numerous questions. This site serves as a centralized resource for information sharing and will feature the latest questions being asked by you and your co-workers along with the answers. Feel free to visit often.

If you have any easyPay questions, you can send them to, or contact your payroll liaison, supervisor or Internal Examiner.

Top Questions This Week 

Q. Have all the easyPay time clocks been posted?
A. Yes. There are 193 time clocks posted throughout County locations. This number was determined after extensive study of employee foot traffic and peak hours at various sites along with input from building and division representatives.

Time Clock

Q.  When will the time clocks go live?
A. Time clocks will go live when your agency is scheduled to utilize the new easyPay Time and Attendance system. A timetable is being finalized with a more precise schedule to share with the agencies. Activation of time clocks will reflect which agencies are next in line.

Q. Will there be training on how to use the time clocks?
A. The hourly and salaried employee will be asked to view a comprehensive online tutorial on how to use the time clocks and the system overall. The supervisor and the payroll liaison not only receive the tutorial but will also have instructor led training.

Q. How will I know where to clock in and clock out?
A. Employees will receive instruction on where to clock in and clock out.

Q. How long does it take to clock in and clock out?
A. Anywhere between three to ten seconds. Once employees register at the time clock and become familiar with the system, the clock in and clock out process is quick and routine. If there is a repeated delay with employee traffic at the time clock, please bring this to the attention of your supervisor. Once the time clock system goes live, some fine-tuning of the number of clocks may be necessary.