ePay Statements

Q. What do the sections of my ePay Statement represent?
A. Click on the ePay Statement at the right to review sections of the online statement. Click on the section to access a description. View the Quick Reference Card for a complete list of the sections and descriptions.

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Q. With the launch of the ePay statement, will paper pay stubs go away?
A. Yes. Paper pay stubs will be replaced with a more convenient online ePay statement. The last paper pay stub is August 23, 2013.

Q. How will I access my ePay statement?
A. All employees will be able to access their confidential pay stub information through a secure website, browardemployee.org. Every employee will have a unique user name and password which, when used in combination with your employee number, allows online access to your ePay statement. All your payroll information will be right at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. In addition to the ePay statement, you will also be able to access other employee information from this website, including the BC-Net. Webmail will also be available, if you currently have a Broward County email address.

Q. I don’t have a computer workstation. How will I access my ePay statement?
A. Every employee has been given access to the County’s computer network, even those without a computer workstation. You can access the new employee website, browardemployee.org, from any computer, smartphone or other mobile device with access to the internet. Log in using your user name and password. Click on easyPay, and you’ll be asked to enter your employee number to view your ePay statement.

Q. Why am I having difficulty viewing my ePay statement on my smartphone?
A. The ePay statement is viewable on most smartphones, in most browsers. Because of the variety of browsers, there is no guarantee it will be viewable in all. If you have problems accessing your ePay statement from any device, contact the ETS Service Desk at 954-357-8600 during regular business hours or email selfhelp@broward.org.

Q. How do I get a printed copy of my statement?
A. You can print your ePay statement from any computer with access to the internet, and a printer. Because your ePay statement is confidential and secure, Payroll Liaisons will not be able to access your statement for you.

Q. Can I access previous statements online?
A. The first available online statement is for the March 30, 2013 payroll.