Employee PACERS Meet to Launch easyPay

Happy PACERS from Human Resources are Nina Moore, left, and Mona Gordon.Approximately 200 Broward County employees met in Commission Chambers on March 21 to get a formal introduction to easyPay, the County’s new payroll and timekeeping system, and learn about their important role as easyPay PACERS. View photos.

Each PACER received a letter from County Administrator Bertha Henry thanking them for their service and the major role they will be playing in moving forward an enterprise-wide process improvement and technology enhancement.

PACERS are individuals from each agency who will be called upon to help implement and communicate with other employees about easyPay. Many PACERS are agency Payroll Liaisons and Sterling Internal Examiners. Others have been designated as Strategic Communications Partners for the purpose of this project.

PACERS (which stands for Present, Aware, Communicate, Encourage, Reinforce and Support) will work closely with the easyPay Change Management Team to share information with their agency’s employees, provide feedback about employee questions and concerns, support and promote training efforts and coordinate agency events.

The Change Management Team is responsible for planning and delivering communications about the project and the impact it will have on agencies and employees throughout the organization.

At the meeting, PACERS received a tool kit of materials about the County’s new state-of-the-art payroll and timekeeping system that is more accurate, timely, consistent, efficient and environmentally-friendly than the current system. They also heard about the communications plan for easyPay, and saw a demonstration of how the new system will work.

PACERS will attend monthly meetings to learn what is new with the project, receive updates and share questions and comments received by their agency’s employees.

For more information about easyPay, check with your Payroll Liaison, visit broward.org/easyPay or email easyPay@broward.org.