rapid! PayCard


The PayCards are VISA debit cards and will have the rapid!$ logo on them. The PayCard acts just like direct deposit to a bank account but instead it is on the rapid!$ PayCard.

Direct Deposit offers a more convenient, cost savings and environmentally-friendly way and is the preferred way to receive your paycheck. Other benefits include:

  • Get your check sooner – access your money right away on payday
  • Save time and money – no more check cashing fees and no more waiting in line at the bank to deposit your check
  • Added security – no more lost or stolen checks, or carrying large sums of cash with you
  • Never miss a paycheck – you can still access your pay if you are sick, on vacation or not scheduled to work, and you can access your card balance and card activity online whenever you want, wherever you are, through a secure website.

To sign up for Direct Deposit, complete a Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Broward County offers two ways for employees to receive their paycheck - direct deposit and Rapid! PayCard.