Tool Kit

PACERS are special individuals throughout the organization who have been identified to work closely with the Change Management Team to implement easyPay. There are three PACERS roles: HR/Payroll Liaison, Strategic Communications Partner and Sterling Internal Examiner. Some PACERS have more than one role in an agency. All PACERS share common responsibilities, and each type of PACER has additional responsibilities, based on their role.

Below are items that may be helpful to PACERS as they promote easyPay in their agencies.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF) – required for employees wishing to convert from the rapid! PayCard to direct deposit of payroll to their checking or savings account

easyPay logo – feel free to incorporate this logo on your agency communications; to ensure branding consistency, please adhere to logo reproduction specifications

easyPay stationery (PDF) – use this stationery masthead to communicate important messages to your agency employees.

Convert Kronos Accrual Minutes to Bc-Net Decimal Hours - this tool is used to compare accrual balances in Kronos to accrual balances in the BC-Net.

Kronos Change Request Form - this tool is used by employees to keep their Kronos Role information current. The form is completed when a new hire joins the County, an employee’s role changes, or when a supervisor requests temporary delegation of authority during his/her absence. The form remains the same for all three uses. Instructions are available to assist with all three.

Verifying Submitted Time-Off Requests Have Been Addressed Prior To Pay Period End​ (PDF)
To ensure that employee’s leave balances are appropriately docked for leave taken, or leave hours returned when employee has cancelled the leave request, all submitted time-off requests and submitted cancellations of time-off requests must be addressed by supervisors prior to the pay period sign-off.

PACERS Roles and Responsibilities – listing of PACERS roles and responsibilities

PayCard Fee Schedule – schedule of all fees associated with the rapid! PayCard

Poster (PDF) – Launching easyPay Time Clocks 

Resource List – contact information for the Change Management Team and other useful resources

Speakers Bureau – Project experts are available for an on-site visit to your agency, to make presentations on easyPay and answer employee questions. Hundreds of employees have already benefited from these informative, small group presentations where agency-specific questions can be asked and answered in familiar surroundings. To schedule a speaker, email

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