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Broward Is Buying

OESBD encourages local small businesses to consider applying for certification in our small business programs - Local (CBE,SBE) and/or Federal (DBE, ACDBE). OESBD is recruiting firms for certification in business categories that the County historically utilizes in order to meet the requirements of the programs. Firms that provide goods and services in business categories where few firms are currently certified are of special interest. More information on opportunities for select business categories now being actively targeted for certification is available.  

There are numerous Broward County procurement opportunities which your particular business may be eligible to access. This includes - but is not limited to - such goods and services as these listed below:

Advertising ​​Agencies
Aerial Photography
Aerial Work Platform
Agent/Broker In​surance Services (Property and Casualty Adjusters)
Air Conditioner Filters
Airfield Radios
Airline Boarding Pass Printer stock
Aluminum Sign Blanks
Apple iMac Computer
Appraisal Services for County Vehicles
Auctioneering Services
Ansulite Fire Fighting Foam
Automatic Slicer
Auto Body Shops
Background Screenings
Baggage Carousel Replacement Hardware
Baggage Handling Drum Motor
Barricade and Flasher Rental
Belting for Baggage Conveyor System
Biomedical Water Removal Services
Body Bags
Bulk Shelving & Cabinets
Bus Stop Signs Replacement and Installation*
Café and Vending Services
Camping Tents
Car Wash/Auto Detailing Services
Cashiering Equipment
Caterer/Coffee Services
Cellular Routers
Channeling Services
Chair Re-upholstering Services
Chaise Lounge Chairs
Chevrolet Volt SmartLease
Commercial Fleet Car and Vehicle Wraps*
Concrete Repair Compound Kit
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems
Conveyor System
Cooling Towers & Chillers
​Crane / Crane-Related ​Cremation Services ​Dairy Products
Data Sondes
Delivery of Water Meters
Dibrom 14 Insecticide (For Aerial Spraying of Mosquitoes)
Direct Thermal Paper
Di-Soric Ultrasonic Sensors
Diving Services
Doors & Hardware (Furnish only)
Dry Cleaning
Dry Ice for Mosquito Traps
Dual-sided Laminating Printer
Dump Truck
Electric Fryer
Electric Lift Truck
Electric Sign Repair and Maintenance
Electrical Supplies - Allen Bradley/Rockwell
Elevator and Escalator Repair and Maintenance
Emergency Food Catering Services
Emergency Medical Vehicle Purchase
Employee Benefit Consulting Services
Environmental Testing
Exterior Skin Consultant (Building Envelope)
Filemaker Software Support
Fire Alarm System – Maintenance and Monitoring
Fire Extinguisher Cabinets & Extinguishers
Flag Football Officiating Services​
Flat Plane Drive Chains
Floor Burnisher
Flooring (Carpeting)
Food – Frozen and Perishable
Food Vouchers / Gift Cards
Forklift Trucks
Fumigation Services
Gas-Powered Carts for Markham Park
Handheld Scanners
Hay Feed for Animals
Heavy Equipment ​
Herbicides and Surfactants
High-Speed Production Inkjet Printer
Hydraulic Valve Exerciser
Ice Cream Vending Services
Ice Machine Equipment
Incinerator Repair/Maintenance
Irrigation Controller and Soil Sensor
Industrial Hygiene Lab Services
Interactive Digital and Wayfinding Signage*
Interpreter Services
Key Machine
Lab Audits
Laboratory Supplies
Large Capacity Ice Machine
Lawn Fertilizing and Insect Control
License Plate Envelope
Lifeguard Stands for Quiet Waters Park
Life Safety Product Supplier
Loading Bridges
Lockers and Shelving
Locksmith Services
Magnetic Portable Dance Floor
MakerBot 3D Printer
Maritime Safety Consultant Services
Massage Services*
Medical Examination Table
Men's Softballs
Modular Furniture
Modular Furniture for Communications Room*
Multivap 80
Name Badge Labels
Office Furniture
Office Supplies/Equipment
Oil Recycling Service
Paint & Body Repair Motor Vehicles
Parking Services*
Patterson Horizontal Split Case Pumps
Perennial Ryegrass Seed
Personal Income Protection Plans
Pet and Human Water Fountains
Pet Grooming  / Tag Services
Phlebotomy / Lab Testing
Piano Tuning
Pizza Conveyor Oven and Stand
Pole Lighting Fixtures
Preformed Thermo Plastic Numbers and Letters
Pressure Cleaner
Printing Service and Direct Mail Services
Private Investigative Services
Project Administration
Propane & Refrigerant Gas Reclamation
Propane Gas and Tanks
Prysmian C 5DE5 796 SpreaderFlex Cable
Public Relations Agency
Radio and Print Advertising
Radio System Services
Rain Coats
Reclamation of Surplus Lead Acid Batteries
Removal and Transportation of Deceased Persons
Reflective Pavement Markers and Adhesives
Refrigerated Merchandiser
Rexroth Valves
Rodent Control Services
Safe Equipment
School Zone Pedestrian Safety and Preservation Program*
Security (Armed) Crew
Security Guard Services
Self-Service Baggage Cart Services*
Shelving Units
Shoe Shine Services
Signage and Banners
Signal Trucks
Sludge, Lift Station Pumps, Parts and Services
Solid Waste and Trash Removal
Softball Officiating Services
Spa Services*
Street Sweeper
Submersible Wastewater Pump, Parts and Repair Services
Subsurface Locate Underground Utilities
Telecommunications Network Data Services
Tenting Fumigation Services
Terrazzo Tile
Tile Services
Tire Replacement and Repair Services
Title Search Services
Toilet, Bath & Laundry Accessories
Toilet Compartments
Towable Dumpster
Tram Stop Benches
Trash Compactor
Truck Scale Maintenance and Repair Services
Undercounter Icemaker
United Kingdom Representation Office
UVC Lamps
Vending Machine Services
Vibration Data Collection and Analyses
Video Surveillance Equipment
Waterproof, Reflective Apparel
Water Suction & Discharge Hose Assemblies for Silent Giant Pumps
WebTrends Analytics Licenses and Maintenance
Welding Services
Wheelchair Lift and Bridge Ramp
 X-Ray Machine

*Denotes areas identified for special DBE/ACDBE certification recruitment efforts.

For more information on Broward County's certification programs, visit the Small Business Certification webpage or call us at 954-357-6400. Visit the Broward County Purchasing Department for more information on current solicitation information.​​​​​​​​​​​​​